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eddie lampert is my colleague’s brother’s boss.
June 8, 2007, 6:22 am
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I had lunch with two of my colleagues today; we had beef noodles at this place in China Square. One of my colleagues has a brother who worked in the United States as a Harvard-educated lawyer. He recently quit his job at a law firm (a reputable one, no less) and is now with ESL Investments. When my colleague mentioned the firm’s name it rang no bells for me; his subsequent naming of Eddie Lampert as the firm’s owner got me really interested, because I know that Lampert is one of the big-name hedge fund managers.

Apparently my colleague’s brother is one of the only six analysts employed by Lampert at his private investment company. I wiki-ed Eddie Lampert and I found out that his story is pretty damn amazing. He is an Ivy League grad, was in prestigious societies and graduated summa cum laude. He was kidnapped once and he actually managed to negotiate a deal with his kidnappers to set him free. And he has a net worth of 2 billion.

Wow. Someday I might have to ask this colleague to help me get a job through his brother.

Some information on Lampert:

Great article from BusinessWeek –

The Wikipedia entry:


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