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Why I am studying Law and Economics
June 26, 2007, 8:45 am
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School opens in about one month’s time and I guess it would be good to rationally go over and put down in words the reasons why I am pursuing Law and Economics at university. At least it will be interesting to see how my thinking would have changed after I have started studying. I will write about my potential career paths before exploring the reasons why I am studying these subjects.

Currently, I am considering two potential career paths. I will either embark on a career in the legal sector as a lawyer or forge a path in the financial world, preferably in the area of investment management. As of now I have a tendency to prefer a career in the financial sector.

A career in the law offers me the opportunity to exploit my ability with language and analytical thought. It is a challenging career that will develop my thinking and speaking abilities, on top of my interpersonal skills and problem-solving abilities. I have a tendency to be competitive and goal-oriented and hence being a lawyer caters to these instincts. I have an intellectual interest in the nature of morality and the difficulty of pronouncing judgement; being a lawyer will allow me to directly involved in exploring the frontiers of morality.

Delving into the investment management industry appeals to my wide intellectual interests; life in the financial markets involves being able to utilise knowledge from diverse fields ranging from psychology and economics to physics and mathematics. Being able to materialise academic theory in concrete investment strategies is a great pull factor; I will be able to indulge in my interest in epistemology and economics.

Why study Law and Economics? Below are the reasons:

  • Knowledge of the law will give me an edge in my asset management career. Knowing the rules that govern financial markets will help me in my job, especially if I become a fund manager or decide to start my own fund management business.
  • Studying law provides good training in analytical thinking and verbal persuasion.
  • Understanding the impact of laws on economic behaviour allows me to formulate a trading strategy with an edge.
  • Law and economics are complimentary subjects that gives me a broader perspective and endows me with a more comprehensive understanding of the world.
  • A law degree is a mark of calibre and ability in the eyes of potential employers. The NUS Law school is an established law school.
  • Studying law is a good hedge against the possibility that I might not want to pursue a career in finance, in which case a career in the legal sector is a great backup plan.
  • Studying economics will provide me with the tools of analysis and thinking philosophies required for me to be a good investment manager.
  • The double degree exposes me to people from two different faculties; I will have a more diverse array of friends.
  • If I am to practise law, I will most probably go into commercial law. An understanding of economics will put me in good stead.
  • The double degree opens up many employment opportunities in many different industries and sectors. I can work for the government, banks, law firms or even international organisations like the United Nations.
  • Studying law allows me to explore philosophical problems, especially that of morality, logic and rationality; studying economics allows me to explore the problems of epistemology and to develop quantitative techniques in economic analysis.

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I have the same sentiments as you do, and am interested in pursuing a law degree at NUS too… If it’s ok, could you mail me at the address above and we could talk?

Comment by ervin

hello you can reach me at

Comment by elgintwx

mixing law with economics is really a tuft matter.

Comment by md. rajab ali

i must say i got what i wanted all along,big thanks to those that find out time to put this on net.

Comment by idoreyin

would you please suggest me some Universities to pursue degrees in Law and economics?

Comment by mashroof

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