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June 27, 2007, 6:40 am
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Being in the University Scholars Programme (USP) and double degree programme (DDP)makes module choice rather confusing. In order to avoid confusion when I start school I surfed the NUS website to clarify what exactly I have to do to fulfill the requirements of my degrees.

There are three types of modular requirements I have to satisfy: law, economics and USP requirements.

Firstly, the USP requirements. This website is probably the most useful one with regards to modular requirements for DDP students in USP. Apparently I have to complete 8 First-Tier Modules and 4 Advanced Modules. There is no need for me read Breadth modules, whatever that is. Requirements are published on a yearly basis; I am taking the 06/07 requirements as a proxy for 07/08. I am regarded as an Arts-based student. I can’t make any guess about which modules I will take since the list seems to change and information about the various modules on the USP website is incomplete.

For economics, I have the compulsory modules and elective modules. For elective modules, I am interested in:

  • EC3312 Game Theory & Applications to Economics
  • EC3332 Money and Banking I
  • EC3333 Financial Economics I (will take this)
  • EC3341 International Economics I
  • EC4332 Money and Banking II
  • EC4333 Financial Economics II (will take this)
  • EC4341 International Economics II

I have to choose 4 modules though.

For law, it’s pretty straightforward. I have a grand total of one law elective to take. Here are some potential choices:

  • LL4032 International Investment Law
  • LL4060 World Trade Law
  • LL4065 Comparative Corporate Governance
  • LL4006 Banking Law
  • LL4089 Chinese Corporate and Securities Law

Hopefully the admissions package explains my requirements well. Currently it’s quite foggy, especially with regards to USP requirements and how it merges with my DDP requirements.


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