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give me time
July 18, 2007, 2:15 pm
Filed under: Lifeskills

Personal notes on time-saving and time management techniques from give me time by the Mind Gym

Salient notes from the book; notice that I am not transcribing everything. I am mostly interested in the part of the book pertaining to time-saving techniques.

Actions to reduce the load

  1. Do now
  2. Delegate
  3. Diminish
  4. Defer
  5. Delete

Stop living life on autopilot- ponder about your actions and decisions with regards to interruptions in your life- the PACE system

  1. Pause. Freeze the scene
  2. Ask. Ask tricky questions. What’s the effect of the action? Pros and cons?
  3. Choose. Decide to see if it is worth it to be interrupted.
  4. Engage. Go for it.

Learn to say No- fashioning a more palatable refusal

The straight No- saying no directly in a more pleasant way

  1. Reasons- give a rational argument
  2. Empathy- acknowledge their position and take it seriously
  3. Alternatives- offer alternatives that cater to their interests

The soft No- being subtle and not say No directly

  1. Engage but don’t answer – Acknowledge what the person has said and concentrate on points of agreement.
  2. Analogy- use an analogy to illustrate why you can’t say yes.
  3. Suggest an alternative- find an alternative that doesn’t involve you.
  4. Facilitate- lead them to say no for you.
  5. Put your refusal in context- Elaborate on the principles behind your refusal.

How to read faster

  • Use a pointer to read- avoid subvocalisations and jumping of the eyes

Intelligent reading- Prime, peek, peruse, participate, prudent, post mortem

  • Prime – consider what you want from the book and what you already know.
  • Peek – search for clues as to the whereabouts of information
  • Peruse – flip and figure out the style and core themes
  • Participate – read and figure out key points and areas.
  • Prudent – focus on key areas.
  • Post mortem – evaluate how the reading is done.

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