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The Economist – 07/09/07
September 8, 2007, 1:56 am
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The Economist – 07/09/07


  • Google is the guardian of a huge amount of private information about individuals- this raises privacy issues.
  • Some feel that Google is getting arrogant.
  • Part of Google’s magic lies in the fixed cost of doing business. Google has built the world’s largest supercomputer and it has an efficient network that can launch a new product at very low costs. If it works, it profits greatly. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t lose much.

The PC industry

  • Acer is going to buy Gateway for USD710m; this deal will make it the world’s third largest PC manufacturer in terms of market share.
  • Acer is experiencing a turnaround.
  • Consumers seem to be moving towards laptops.
  • PCs are commoditised, but the market seems to be moving towards catering for different tastes and tailoring products to meet specific needs.

Credit crunch

  • Central banks are flooding markets with short-term liquidity.
  • This helped stabilised money markets, but many asset-backed debt products remain paralysed with little liquidity.
  • The housing and construction markets are down. Some economists feel that this will push output growth down significantly.
  • However, most Wall Street analysts are convinced that the damage from the financial distress will be limited. They believe the Fed will move to help with lower interest rates.

Offshore services locations

  • India tops the index ahead of China, due to its lower wages, infrastructure and regulatory costs.
  • Brazil and Mexico are rising because of policies to promote service exports in Latin America.
  • Several South-East Asian nations are ranked in the top few too: Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia rank among the top 6.

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