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Tailors in Singapore and how to choose shirts
September 14, 2007, 7:45 am
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Personal notes from Urban

Tailors in Singapore (shirts)

CYC Custom Shop – 02-12 Raffles Hotel Arcade, tel: 63363556

Joe’s Tailoring & Fashion Design – 01-04 Fuji Xerox Towers, tel: 62250686

 What to look for in a shirt


  • Wear a shirt right for your size – no baggy shirts for scrawny guys, no slim-cut for plump guys.
  • Don’t wear your shirt too baggy.


  • Make sure curve of collar fits nape of neck. No droppy collars.
  • Have at least a finger’s space between collar and neck.
  • Match height of collar to length and width of neck.
  • Short necks match shorter collars with wider spread.


  • Wear a shirt that falls just a little beyond the shoulders.
  • Make sure the yoke falls exactly on the shoulders for fitted shirts.


  • Ensure shirt sleeves fall about 1cm below the wrists.
  • Have sleeves of shirt peeking out about 1.5cm to 1cm when wearing a jacket.


  •  Fit snugly around wrists.
  • Pair cufflinks only with formal, folded-back French cuffs.
  • Don’t wear longer cuffs like French cuffs if you have short arms.


  • Go for natural fibres like cotton.
  • The finder the cotton, the more refined the look.
  • Don’t wear too thin a fabric if you are slim.

Colour and print

  • Make sure shirt colour is appropriate for industry.
  • Dark-coloured shirts are more casual.
  • Make sure prints match perfectly at the joints.
  • Don’t wear overly large or loud prints.


  • Shirt must be long enough to be tucked into pants.

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