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law exam techniques
October 29, 2007, 12:09 pm
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Here are some law exam tips I have collated from various sources… of course, the names of the people who said them are deliberately withheld. I hope this helps some struggling law students as much as it has helped me.

Exam techniques – 291007


  •             critique question
  • ·         respond to question and know what the question wants out of you
  • ·         let teachers know your stand
  • ·         unique questions: “advice a judge in changing X law”


  • ·         Torts: 2.5 hours, 3 questions, answer 2
  • ·         Divide time, plan, focus


  • ·         Use the approach that works for you
  • ·         3 key approaches
  • ·         1 – identify the issue – hardest thing
  • ·         Understand the material, don’t memorise
  • ·         Practise problem questions
  • ·         Practice identifying issues
  • ·         Always get some law in there
  • ·         Do it in a punchy summarized form
  • ·         Summarise the laws
  • ·         Have a summary of the law in your head
  • ·         Facts are where the real marks are
  • ·         Analuse the facts
  • ·         Each question has key facts – highlight them
  • ·         When making arguments, think of counter arguments
  • ·         Apply and distinguish analogous cases


  • ·         Distinguish yourself – make creative arguments, make good arguments
  • ·         Look at relevant legal principles
  • ·         Look at relevant facts
  • ·         Ask how to apply law to this set of facts – make arguments/ counter arguments
  • ·         Time management is important
  • o   For the first ½ hour, don’t do writing
  • o   Think about which questions one can do best, and pick them
  • o   Do a skeletal answer – map out issues, don’t just start writing
  • o   Be in control – don’t miss out issues
  • ·         Do a lot of preparation – hard work is inevitable
  • ·         Bring succinct summaries into exam


  • ·         4 questions, at least one essay, hypotheticals as well
  • ·         Content no absolutely important: think like a lawyer
  • ·         Encouraged to have some sort of intro in an essay
  • o   Stance to be expressed in opening paragraph and ending too
  • ·         Put yourself in the shoes of the examiner
  • ·         Distinguish yourself – individuality can be an asset
  • ·         Set existing law clearly
  • ·         Take your position on it – innovation/creativity comes in

next preppy purchases
October 27, 2007, 4:27 am
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I think it goes without saying that my favourite style of dressing is prep. Polos, neat jeans, khakis, loafers, neat shirts.

However, getting a nice polo isn’t always easy, as per my previous post on J Crew.

After some Googling I realise that there are other manufacturers/brands that offer cheap and nice looking polos, apart from J Crew. I need to record them before I forget:



Old Navy:

The gem among them is Aeropostale; nice stuff at great prices. However, I do need to ship them from the US, which will raise prices. I am reconsidering getting J Crew now; might switch to Aeropostale.

jcrew – possibly better than lacoste and ralph lauren
October 14, 2007, 1:06 pm
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Some people on have been raving about jcrew polos. Currently 2 polos are going for 50 USD, which is still cheaper than Lacoste or RP polos in Singapore. Yeah I know, RP and Lacoste are THE brand for polos, but what is an impoverished university student to do? It is hard to find nice polos in Singapore; Hang Ten and Bossini ones are icky, and the Giordano dry polo loses its fit after a while (not to mention that it stinks if you sweat too much into it).

The only problem is the fit; I don’t know if it is slim enough for Asians like me. However the price is pretty good and judging from pictures, they seem quite comfortable. The ability to add monograms is really cool too; I will consider buying it with my allowance next month. With the US dollar falling, it will make the purchase even cheaper.

50 Stylish Men
October 2, 2007, 10:29 am
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I was surfing around when I stumbled upon this. The examples and tips given for men’s style are great… so are the pictures used.