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jcrew – possibly better than lacoste and ralph lauren
October 14, 2007, 1:06 pm
Filed under: fashion and grooming

Some people on have been raving about jcrew polos. Currently 2 polos are going for 50 USD, which is still cheaper than Lacoste or RP polos in Singapore. Yeah I know, RP and Lacoste are THE brand for polos, but what is an impoverished university student to do? It is hard to find nice polos in Singapore; Hang Ten and Bossini ones are icky, and the Giordano dry polo loses its fit after a while (not to mention that it stinks if you sweat too much into it).

The only problem is the fit; I don’t know if it is slim enough for Asians like me. However the price is pretty good and judging from pictures, they seem quite comfortable. The ability to add monograms is really cool too; I will consider buying it with my allowance next month. With the US dollar falling, it will make the purchase even cheaper.


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J crew is amazing. 🙂 Sizes run a little large for the women’s wear though and I’d assume it’d be the same for the mens. How come no one comments on this blog?! Did you not tell your friends about it or something? I really enjoyed your section on law (that’s actually how I came across your writing). As a fellow law student, it was helpful. Thank you. 🙂

Comment by Prim

OH wait sorry, I still have more to say, you talk exactly like my friend Nick. Who is also an NUS alum and now works at khattarwong.

Comment by Prim

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