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covert persuasion
January 6, 2008, 3:45 am
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Notes from Covert Persuasion by Kevin Hogan and James Speakman

This book leans toward sales techniques but the suggestions are still valid for universal usage. Hogan incorporates NLP ideas into his tactics.

55 covert persuasion tactics:

  1. Rapidly build resonant support
  2. Use content to build rapport – talk about the person
  3. Use processes to build rapport -engage in similar activities with the person
  4. Synchronize with your target
  5. Synchronize voices
  6. Synchronize breathing
  7. Synchronize posture and body movement
  8. Testing synchronization – there is synchronization if you can lead someone, i.e. the other mirrors you
  9. Alter the ton, pace and pitch of your voice
  10. Induce reciprocity
  11. Make the damaging admission – never hide the negative
  12. Share part of you with them
  13. The common enemy
  14. Short story about “them” – tell stories about others like the person
  15. Give respect
  16. Knock their socks off – big, substantiated, surprising claims
  17. Give more than you promised
  18. Use understatement power
  19. Be precise, then beat precision
  20. Faster, easier, better
  21. Be on the edge of your seat
  22. Ask for compliance
  23. Induce a sense of scarcity
  24. Open the door to a friend
  25. Associate the know/unknown
  26. Feel part of the group
  27. Create contrast
  28. Don’t ask why – people often do not know the reason for their choices
  29. Shift time reference
  30. Unshakable credibility – acknowledge and adopt the other’s viewpoint
  31. Use space – environment counts. e.g. home ground intimidates
  32. Commitment and consistency – a pattern of similar decisions lead to future decisions being similar
  33. Covert hypnotic language patterns
  34. Make body and words say the same thing
  35. Outcome based thinking
  36. Determine how they represent information – detect whether the other obtains information through auditory, kinaesthetic or visual pathways
  37. Feel, felt, found – I understand how you feel, many customers felt the same, after using product they found
  38. Deletion, distortion, generalization
  39. Note-taking – committing action to writing increases the chance of actual action
  40. Lower your voice
  41. 80/20 rule and covert persuasion
  42. Inoculation to persuade
  43. Flexibility
  44. Covertly empathetic mind
  45. Artfully vague language
  46. Power of three
  47. Vocal stress in delivery – observe which words are stressed
  48. Experiential involvement
  49. Persuading with attitude
  50. Using music to persuade
  51. Inconsistency – sometimes can be used as a tool e.g. reward yourself after hard work
  52. Fewer choices means more yeses
  53. People believe what they say, not what you say
  54. Be private in public
  55. Oscillation at the point of decision

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