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Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies
January 11, 2008, 5:07 am
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Personal notes from Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies

The four pillars of NLP

  • Rapport
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Outcome Thinking
  • Behavioural Flexibility

The 4-point formula for success

  • Know the outcome – visualise it, sense it
  • Take action
  • Have sensory awareness – to know how effective the actions are
  • Have behavioural flexibility – change behaviour if actions do not lead to results


  • To recreate a previous resourceful state, anchor an action to the feelings one get from that state.
  • Perform that action and recreate that state.

The map is not the territory

  • Perception never fits reality
  • We see reality through lenses – distortion, deletion and generalisation
  • Each person has a favourite way of viewing reality – kinaesthetic, visual, auditory

Looking at the eye

  • Reading a person’s preference from eye movements
  • Looking at someone, if the eyes go:
    • Straight ahead – visual (images new or old)
    • Top right – visual remembered
    • Top left – visual constructed
    • Straight right – auditory remembered
    • Straight left -auditory constructed
    • Bottom left – kinaesthetic
    • Bottom right – auditory (internal) dialogue
  • In a small proportion of the population, including about half of all left-handers, the signs are reversed.
  • Triggering movement in eyes: e.g. asking “think of your dog’s face” – eyes shift top right
  • Hence to spot a liar, watch the eyes.


  • Basic body language techniques
  • Ape the other – breathing, words, movement
  • Talk about the other person
  • Genuine interest

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hi my friend, it seems that u have the book “Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies” in ur shelf, i’m so interested in this book but this one is not available in our country (iran), it months that i’m searching for an online copy of it or even a pdf version but unfortunately it doesn’t have a digital version, could you help me in any way to read this book? i’d be so thankful if u help me,that would be a life changing book for me i think! urs sincerely, Aslan.
(i would appreciate it if u reply through my email address, thanks a gain)

Comment by Aslan

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