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wardrobe updates
May 19, 2008, 3:41 am
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With the Great Singapore Sale and my impending foray into Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam coming up, I have decided to take the opportunity to revamp and change aspects of my limited wardrobe. I need to spend more on less in order to obtain quality clothing that are versatile and which I will wear all the time instead of letting them languish in my closet.

Here’s a list:

1) A fragrance – clean and fresh-smelling (I need a complement to the musky DKNY I already have)

2) 2 pairs of clean jeans – no distress and acid washes, for wearing with shirts and sweaters, preferably indigo or a deep shade of blue and the other in light blue.

3) A few shirts – most importantly, a white casual shirt at least.

4) A few pairs of sneakers – I need one all-white (Purcell?), one in dark blue, one in brown. And I would love to get my hands on a pair of Adidas Sambas.

5) One pair of brown leather loafers

5) Two leather belts – one in brown and the other in black, no fancy belt buckles

6) Two V-neck sweaters – one brown and one blue. I saw a nice brown one at GAP.

7) Plain tees (lots) – all must fit well, at least one in white and one in black.

8) Polos – yes. lots. and I swear never to again buy polos that are too long for me. Lacoste, PRL.

9) Bermudas – good-fitting ones – khaki, brown

Yes. My bank account is calling for help.


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