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E’s Tom Yam Soup
May 28, 2008, 1:31 am
Filed under: food

As promised, the recipe for Tom Yam Soup. Note that there are probably 1 million ways to prepare this dish, and my search for recipes on the web unearthed gazillions different recipes. There are some essential ingredients missing like galangal; this can’t be obtained in an average Fairprice supermarket. The soup turned out fine without them though.



Lime leaves

Lime juice


Small red chilis

Tom Yam paste

Fish sauce

Chicken broth

Prawns (medium)


Mushrooms (straw, button, oyster)


1) Prepare broth. Remove prawn heads, add to water in pot. Add chicken broth (for an authentic Tom Yam Goong, just use prawn heads). Boil. Add tom yam paste to broth to taste. Scrap foam off soup.

2) Prepare spices and ingredients. Lime leaves should be torn, and lemongrass is to be cut into 1 inch pieces. Remove the initial layer of lemongrass first. Smash the chilis. Cut tofu and squid into desired proportions.

3) Add lime leaves, lemongrass, chilis. Boil.

4) Add tofu and mushrooms. Boil.

5) Add squid and prawns. Boil.

6) Turn off the fire. Add lime juice and fish sauce to taste.

7) Serve in nice clean white bowls.


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