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May 29, 2008, 2:50 pm
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I had to modify the regime to cater for my sore Achilles tendon. I probably got the injury because of running and swimming on the same day for consecutive days last week and the soccer match last Saturday aggravated it. The 8km run on Tuesday totally destroyed it. Hence I need to recover now, but this does not mean that training is completely cancelled.

Training is modified. Jumping jacks are out, and replaced with arm exercises and crunches. There is no warm-up run.

On a more positive note, the first set of 25 pull-ups seem a lot easier compared to the first time I tried 300. But my performance at the end was not as good as the previous session. Floor wipers remain the bottleneck exercise. Give and take, give and take.

Pull-ups x 25

Crunches x 50

Box jumps x 50

Dips x 50

Floor wipers x 50

Squats x 50

Pullups x 25

Crunches x 50

Pushups x 50

Leg raises x 50

Wide pushups x 50

Side crunches x 50

Diamond pushups x 50

I am confident that recovery will be fast. Swimming in the morning tomorrow, before shopping for groceries for dinner.


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