ad astra per alia porci

[nice dream]
May 31, 2008, 4:20 pm
Filed under: diary


Ok it was not exactly a nice dream, but rather an extremely weird one, one of the weirdest I had in a while. It reeks of some trash that appeared in a B-grade sci-fi horror film, but I will write about it nevertheless.

The entire dream was set in the context of a doomsday situation, with constant dark clouds and sunlight that was a sickly yellow in colour. Doomsday was coming and humans were facing the prospect of annihilation. By who? I do not know.

Suddenly a hole appeared in the sky which sucked in everything. The vortex sucked in a bunch of humans which included me, and I was traveling up a large funnel of air. For a moment I felt fascinated by the experience of standing on thin air and yet traveling upwards, but after a while I realised that the people who traveled further and were above me in the column were being mauled by flailing and swinging steel chains appearing out of nowhere. Blood was raining on me. I closed my eyes and hoped that I would not die.

I woke up in a field of dead bodies framed in the same dark landscape. One body was piled on top of me. I noticed that there were dark figures moving around, looking out for any survivors. Those who survived were skewered with spears. One of them noticed that I was still breathing, and I thought I would die at last when he drove the spear through the body above me to reach me. Fortunately it somehow missed me, and I was left to play dead while withholding my extreme sense of elation.

Somehow I ended up having lunch together with several other disheveled survivors in a clean white room. Almost sterile like an operating theatre. Suddenly one of the dark figures I saw at the previous site sat down beside us. He looked exactly like a Predator, a classic sci-fi horror character I was enamoured with when I was younger. He ate lunch with a knife, and I felt extremely threatened by that fact. His smile was unsettling. I felt like a prisoner, and I soon realised that indeed I was.

We tried to escape a large gorge in which we were rounded up and placed in. Some tried and were duly punished by whipping. I didn’t try.

Then I woke up.


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