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making mayonnaise from scratch
June 2, 2008, 2:01 pm
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If you want to develop strong forearms while making good food, making real mayonnaise is the way to go. Whisking the mixture takes EONS. But the result is worth it; homemade mayonnaise is much more tasty and less fattening than the fake mayonnaise standing on supermarket shelves. I mixed my mayonnaise with albacore tuna to make tuna sandwich spread for my breakfast for the next few days. And the ingredients are easily obtainable. Another point worthy of note: it is amazing how many equate ready-made mayonnaise as the real thing and many have not actually seen and tasted real mayonnaise before. There is something seriously wrong with the way the whole industrial food-making process skews our conception of fool. The simulacrum is now the perceived reality.


Ingredients (more than enough for one can of tuna, oil drained)

Dijon mustard 1 tspn

White wine vinegar 1 tspn (lemon is a good alternative)

Egg yolk x 1

Groundnut oil or olive oil (150ml)

Salt and pepper

1) Put egg yolk, mustard, vinegar in bowl. Whisk till creamy.

2) Add oil in a slow and steady stream, whisking the mixture all along till the texture is creamy and viscous. Add more vinegar and oil if it is too thick.

3) Add salt and pepper to taste.

It seems very easy, but it is extremely taxing on the arm. Alternatively, use a food processor.

Also, this mayonnaise, unlike its industrial imitation, keeps only for three days max. Hence the sandwich spread made with this mayonnaise has to be consumed within three days.


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