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the best seldom wins… so what?
June 22, 2008, 1:02 am
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Why am I not surprised. Holland is out of Euro 2008 following a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Russia in the Quarterfinals. The most entertaining side which is tipped as hot favourites to bag the tournament is once again knocked out.

Watching soccer over the years have taught me one important lesson in life: the best does not always win, and success involves a large element of luck. So don’t be too proud when you win, because you were lucky. And being great does not translate to success.

Hence I have learned to respect the triers, the people who put in their best effort to be the best they can be. Position and paper achievement have become less important to me over the years; I respect integrity and effort more.

Which probably explains why I have developed a tendency to favour underdogs and entertaining teams. My father himself liked to back the underdogs in soccer matched; I never could figure out why he liked to do so when I was younger, but now I know better. I like underdogs because they are always the fighters, hardworking and making the best of their limited abilities. I like entertaining teams because they are skillful and play football like it is meant to be played.

I back Turkey or Russia to go on to win the Euros.


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