ad astra per alia porci

a fruitful holiday
August 9, 2008, 10:19 am
Filed under: diary


I love NUS school breaks. They are three months long and give students ample time to experience what they really want to and do something outside the rigid and suffocating confines of academic education.

Although three months might seem like a very long time, it passed in a jiffy. I think this might be because I spent about a whole month overseas on holiday.

So what have I done this holiday? Listing what I have done would be a fun way to document this little bit of personal history.

  1. Traveled to 4 countries – Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong – and experienced the people and cultures there
  2. Worked 3 jobs – packer, conference room assistant and security guard
  3. Learned how to prepare full meals and several dishes – linguine with garlic oil, homemade mayonnaise, carbonara, roasted chicken, tom yam soup, chicken soup, scrambled eggs with cream, portobello mushrooms and bacon breakfast, Caesar salad
  4. Learned how to bake several breads – Swedish rye bread, white bread, wholemeal bread and sourdough bread
  5. Obtained a 24 point silver award for my annual IPPT (no more IPPT bugging my ass for another year at least!)
  6. Took enough driving lessons to prepare me for my driving test this September
  7. Read a few choice books that I have been aching to pick up for a long time – including Moby Dick and On the Road
  8. Reinforced my wardrobe with several purchases – including one A.P.C. jeans, one tailored suit, 6 tailored casual shirts and several tailored shorts
  9. Discovered the pleasures of port!

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