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Rum, pirate’s pleasure
August 9, 2008, 9:02 am
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The joys of rum!

I tried rum three different ways today: rum with belgian dark chocolate Haagen Daaz ice cream, rum with port and rum with coke. All were EXCELLENT. I think it is largely because rum is primarily sweet-based, so it blended well with all the other things. I guess it is only human to like sweet-tasting things so rum is a easy hard liquer to dig. The weapon: Mount Gay Eclipse.

Rum with port was an exhilarating experience (note: not intense!). The strength of the rum came first before the tannic and nutty aftertaste of port finished the drink. It was pretty damn alcoholic so I only had quarter a wine glass of it.

The ice cream combined really well with the rum. Since the ice cream was made of dark chocolate, it was sweet with a mild bitter aftertaste. The rum accentuated the bitterness and its alcohol content made the dessert a lot richer by giving it that slight bit of class and head.

I think I will grow to love rum. MUAHAHAHAHA burp


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Love your post! Great descriptions on taste. What is “port”?

Comment by Travis Kroger

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