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W. & J. Graham’s Aged Tawny Port 10 Years
August 9, 2008, 9:01 am
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This is my first ever bottle of port, my first love on this life’s adventure into wine. Excellent excellent excellent, and it comes in at 92/100 points, the first ever truly solid wine I have drunk.

Port’s popularity has been dimming over the years, and I just can’t see why this is so. Port has body, probably even more than some reds, and it is sweet, which makes it instantly accessible to those who don’t like the bitterness of reds and whites. The snobs who prefer wines with body and aromas will also find port appealing because the body is tremendous.

The aroma is thicker than conventional reds because of the added brandy. This port tastes of vanilla and coconut with hint of nuts when freshly opened. I served this two weeks later to my friends and the wine has obviously soured and oxidated a bit more; A commented that it tasted like plums and I concur.

My experience of 10 year old port is probably enhanced by the fact that my experience of wine has been confined largely to wines that are not aged more than 10 years. I do need to get my hands on a red that is significantly older (and pricier, sad to say) than those I have drank so far before I can say that port is generally better tasting than normal reds.

S said that cheap port exists and can be obtained at about 20 SGD. I went to Cold Storage and the cheapest I can find is 40 SGD port. I need to find a source for cheap port because I envision myself drinking a lot in the future.

An excellent resource on port:


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