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training 070908 + foreseeable future
September 7, 2008, 1:47 pm
Filed under: diary, training and nutrition


The run today was immensely invigorating and thoroughly fun. I was sprinting for a large part of the second part of the run. This was very surprising because I am usually faster at the first leg and wittle away subsequently at the second.

I can’t put my finger on what exactly made it so fun, and where I found the reservoir of energy. It might because of the intervals I did last week. Might be the swimming on Saturday. Maybe it’s the lunch at Seafood Paradise.

At any rate, I feel energetic and ready.

Here’s the regime for the last few weeks, and the next few months (probably). Due to study obligations workout sessions might be switched around, but the regime should not vary wildly.

Sunday – 80 minutes run to nowhere

Monday – Calisthentics workout (600 reps)

Tuesday – 80 minutes run to nowhere OR intervals + 300 workout

Wednesday – Calisthenics workout (600 reps)

Thursday – 80 minutes run to nowhere

Friday – Gym training

Saturday – Rest OR 40 laps in the pool


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