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when you run in the rain
October 31, 2009, 1:09 pm
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People think you are crazy.


I ran from my grandparent’s house to my aunt’s condominium in the pouring rain. Amidst the crackle of lightning and the gloom of dark clouds, I felt a sense of redemption as the rain pelted my exposed face and body. The thick strands of rain and the cluster of raindrops hanging over my eye lashes limited my vision. Decisions to cross roads are leaps of faith and every step is made with trepidation.

Yet every passing flash of lightning reminds me that I am lucky to be alive and every beat of rain that lands on my face tells me that there is a real, tangible and wonderful world out there. This kind of run won’t be my last.


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Glad to see I’m not the only one who enjoys rain runs!

Comment by The Vegan Anti-Hero

hi there. stumbled onto your blog from google. it’s funny, we seem to share a rather large number of interests (sartorial pursuits, running, securities analysis and more).

i was wondering if you have tried clothesmith or pimabs? i’m still looking for a tailor for bigger ticket items in singapore, and clothesmith seems to fit the bill from what i’ve read about it. it has an emphasis on more trad cuts and styles than pimabs. enjoy the newtons

Comment by joon

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