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lost letters
March 22, 2010, 2:46 pm
Filed under: diary, the arts

A persistent favourite, by Travis when they were still green and melancholic, and not producing those saccharine radio-friendly hits:

This song reminds me of how difficult it is to reach across hermetically-sealed minds and find some degree of honest and sincere connection, as a respite to our collective cosmic loneliness and the pervasive underlying sense of quiet unease. Words are our only tools to do that, but they are hopelessly inadequate. We constantly write, listen and speak, in order to reach across the gulf to each other; we write eager letters, hoping to receive replies that evince some degree of understanding. Yet we remain living in quiet desperation, hoping to find that precious special someone which our minds merge completely and fluidly with. Sometimes I wonder if it is all worthwhile.

Because my inside is outside
My right side’s on the left side
‘Cos I’m writing to reach you
But I might never reach you
I long to teach you about you
But that’s not you