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Tripel Karmeliet
June 1, 2013, 8:20 am
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1 June 2013

Four finger frothy head, golden hazy yellow with a slight copper tinge. refreshing, very smooth, refined, pleasant and drinkable, a little bit of many fruits, banana, citrus, mango, vanilla, very slight spice. More malt than hops, only very slightly bitter but still very well-balanced, multiple malts and this complexity is obviously perceptible and very well-coordinated.

Really really good, one of my top beers. Another one of the great abbey beers, but very distinctive in its own friendly, approachable and measured way. Very attractive packing too, with its pretty hand-drawn illustrations at the front and middle-age fonts. The more austere, bolder, stronger abbey beers like Orval and Trappiste Rochefort are great counterpoints to this.

25 October 2013

Pour: Blooming, white, head with a dense layer of defined bubbles. Light yellow-gold, hazy body.

Nose: Grain, bananas, tropical fruits, carbonation, mango, pineapple, orange, spice, all waiting to burst onto the palate.

Palate: Moderately full on the tongue, like cream. Carbonation is pronounced and adds some spice, almost champagne like. Refreshing without being light. Bananas, vanila, mango, lemon, citrus, tangy, orange, grain, rounded taste. Elegantly dry and very slight bitterness at the end. A very nice bouquet that stays on the nose and the back of the throat. Tastes noble, complex and wholesome, without being too heavy. A very well-balanced, clean and refined beer that has considerable complexity.

One of the best tripels, world class. Nothing much left to say, I am afraid.


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