ad astra per alia porci


A personal website for the collection of thoughts and deposit of studies and knowledge. All are welcome to read and take what they want off the site, just don’t hold me liable for any information used. I hope the information is of great use to many.

I am currently a student in Singapore, pursuing degrees in Law and Economics. As can be discerned from the content of my blog, my intellectual interests lie in finance, philosophy, investments and the arts, mainly in the form of literature and film. My philosophical obsession lies in epistemology (especially with regards to uncertainty) and ethics.

My more interesting and frivolous pursuits include a growing addiction to fashion and grooming, listening to a wide range of music and working out at the gym. I am also trying to start a hobby in wine.

I can be reached at wxtay86[at], although it is always better to post a comment in one of my posts because I don’t check my email often.


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Hello there,

I just randomly broke in here, saw many great posts, mostly things I don’t even understand. (Definitely a compliment)

See, I’m a grade 10 student now, and I’m thinking about a possible career in law, or computer science in the future, both are what I personally am interested in. First of all a little bit about myself: I immigrated from China to Canada 2 years ago, still struggling with English which is why I don’t even understand most of your posts, too many fancy words and unfamiliar grammar that is… What I would like to find out is whether you have any suggestions for me in terms of building up VOCABULARIES and KNOWLEDGE; also, whether you can give me any advice on preparing for pursuing a career in law (a lawyer), in which I understand is what you major in University.

And to add on to that, can you please provide me a list of books that you suggest me to read to improve my english and knowledge? If so, contact me any time at, thank you very, very much!


Comment by Momo

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